Types of String

In most respects there are two main types of string; natural gut and synthetic.

Synthetic strings getting closer to replicating natural gut and synthetic is much better wearing than natural gut. Nylon is the most widespread synthetic and is generally low cost although this is affected by the way the nylon string is wrapped. The tighter the wrap the better the string.

Natural gut is made from natural cows gut and have great tension stability and feel. However gut can be expensive and affected by temperature and humidity.

Many pro players use gut but if you are on a budget you might consider a mix string of part gut and synthetic.

Then there are textured strings that grip the ball better (topspin for example) but this has a short shelf life and needs regular replacement.

Polyester strings are made from a polyester fibre with a coating commonly known as monofilament. These havevarious gauges which affect the durability and bounce of the string. Polyester usually feel tighter than nylon but tension loss is an issue so if you’re not happy to change string regularly this might not be for you.

Multifilament strings involve twisting together various materials to make a string. This creates a string with playability more like natural gut and the bounce is also better. The down side is that they are prone to breaking and this can be costly.

Some players like to play with the exact same string and tension for years. Others just want a good cost effective string that’s going to be reliable and playable. We provide both.